I think am gonna like it here

Ever since i was called for the training in Chongoni, Dedza family and friends had been asking what it is i was going to do after the training. After having answered the question a million times, i automatically came up with an answer i gave to everybody you would think was scripted. “I am going to live in a village and work with the community members …” was how it started. But that is easier said than done. The reality of what i had been telling people all this time started to sink in once they announced which community i had been placed in. Nsondole, Zomba.
I had never heard of that place before Andrew announced it was where i was going.(but then again, i have only heard of a few places in zomba). The next five days after the site announcements were hard. I kept coming up with images of what the place looked like, what the people are like, the wheather of that place and the like. I could have written a whole book of what i was expecting my site to be like. Then came the day to be dropped off. I dont rememeber a day i was as nervous as i was on this day, and when the bus stopped at the school, my legs almost didnt let me out of the car…but i came out of the vehicle anyway.

my home for now

Just after having spent one night in Nsondole village, i realised that it was nothing i had imagined, i didnt even come close to getting it right. The wheather is not as i expected(we are close to Lake Chirwa so it gets really hot at times, but it has also rained everynight i have been here). I didnt get a host family, but instead got placed with some self-boarding girls and they are the sweetest.(I call then my host students) The people here were expecting a white person, they got me instead, but they are still very welcoming especially the students.

My host students

As days are slowly passing, i have began to get used to this place and i think am gonna like it here! The nervousness is still there, but not as bad as before.One thing i have particulary come to love about this place is the accent of the people.Its the same chichewa i have been hearing all my life, but its just the way their words come out. They say its a mixture of Chichewa and Chinyanja. Who knew chichewa could sound so sweet, i have spoken the langauge all my life, but never once have i heard it spoken so sweetly as these people do. I could listen to their stories all day becaue of that accent. I hope after one year my tongue will have learned this trick of theirs. I should probably start working on it now!

Another view of the house

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