Solar Installation training

‚ÄčThis years Christmas season was a bit different from all other years. I spent the most part of the season at a training with Age Africa and it was as good a way to spend the holidays as any

This particular training was on solar installation and it lasted for ten days,  from 19 to 29 December (We breaked for christmas and came back to continue).Normaly,  solar installation is done by boys but age africa went against this norm and succesfulky rained girls in this. The idea was to train girls who had finished secondary school from the AGE africa bursary with skills to install and repair a solar system in a home. At the beginning of the training,  i was very skeptical on whether the training wouod be a sucess but just after a few days,  i was very convinced of its success. 

The facilitator, and some participants

I particulary liked the trainer because she was someone the girls could identify with. She was someone who had geown up in a siliar sotuation like them but her life has changed for the better since she started working on solar installation and repairs. So this background helped the participants easily see themselves doing this kind of thing. And her method of teaching was very encompassing. We had practicals from the first day of training and she would repeat the topic until she was sure everybody had gotten it. 

At the end of the training,  it was interesting to me to see all the girls confidently go through the whole process. i was intrigued seeing the girls climbing on the roof like its nothing and doing their work there. The same girls who two weeks ago did not know anything about the elements of solar power were now working like pros and making light shine.

This was a fun experience for me and i learnt very useful things about electronic repairs from this tarining. my only hope now is that thesw girls go out and make something of themselves with the trainig they acquired here.